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Get full control over your LDAP environment!

Directory Server, LDAP Monitoring application. Monitoring small to large scaled deployed directory server environments.

Monitoring and viewing server status can be gathered from:
  • Open LDAP
  • RedHat / Fedora / 389 Directory Server
  • Sun / Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
  • Novell eDirectory Server
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • OpenDj / OpenDS / Oracle Unified Directory
  • General Monitoring such as response time, server availability (Any LDAP Server)

  • Environment and Server availability
  • Monitoring
  • Verify Replication
  • Verify Cluster / Load Balancing
  • View Schema
  • Verify Cache Size
  • View Trends
  • Get email Alerts on server failures
  • Advance LDAP Query
Servers recognized:
  • Open LDAP, RedHat / Fedora / 389 Directory Server, Sun / Oracle, Novell / Suse eDirectory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Netscape iPlanet, Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Internet Directory.

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Mobile Version

Get quick access to check server availability using an iPhone or Android based cellphone.

Monitoring performance counters

Live monitoring, daily load and collect historical events to be proactive and view trends.
17 different types of performance counters supported such as Returned Entries, Returned KiloBytes, Connections and Response Time

Monitoring Environment / Server Availability

Verify that all servers within your environment are responding. Verify load balancing and scalability.

Environment / Server Trends

Compare monthly and yearly server performance.


Verify LDAP replication.

Advance LDAP Query

Verify data consistency by querying several server at once or export CSV lists based on a list of attribute values.

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